Barcelona, November 15th, 2021. The conference titled «URUSHI ART IN CATALONIA» is being held on the 20th of November at 11:00. THE «CALAF MARKET» SCREEN is a lacquer piece by Enriqueta Pasqual Benigani and Xavier Nogué dated 1929 that attendants will have the opportunity to admire and comment on in a visit to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya MNAC, where it is exhibited.

During the activity, visitors will learn about the Urushi technique, the connection between Japan and Catalonia in relation to this millennial technique, and how this art was introduced into our country and is still used nowadays. Details will be given about how this unique lacquer piece was restored. The uniqueness of this piece stems from the two techniques used: one side was painted using Coromandel lacquer (front), whereas the back was decorated with Negoro lacquer. This makes this piece a reference lacquer craft work in Catalonia, a property of a private collector that has been temporarily  loaned to the Museu.

In the Coromandel lacquer technique, the drawing is engraved, and the most superficial layer of Urushi lacquer is removed to paint in coloured lacquer the surfaces exposed. The Negoro technique involves alternating a coat of black and red lacquer, and the final coat is polished to reveal black and red shapes.

For further information about this visit, please contact us at Due to the COVID pandemic, groups are reduced and advance booking is required.

This conference is one of the activities for the spreading of this kind of art organised by ACCAL within the programme of activities carried out thanks to the support of the JEC FUND GRANT.