Barcelona, December 2nd, 2021. Today, December 2nd, 2021, the Chair of Asociación Cultural por el Conocimiento del Arte de la Laca (ACCAL), Teresa Sardà, delivered a lecture about THE ART OF URUSHI LACQUER. This activity was held within the framework of the exhibition of the same name, which started on November 30th and will be on display in the NOMON gallery, next to the Sagrada Familia, until December 15th.

«This lecture is aimed at people who are unfamiliar to Urushi art and want to have an immersion experience, which includes a guided visit to the exhibition, where the variety of Urushi styles is represented by the pieces of eleven artists», explains Teresa Sardà, Chair of ACCAL.

The fact that this lecture coincides with the exhibition is not casual, and makes the experience more attractive to the audience. Thus, in this lecture, attendants will have the opportunity to learn about Urushi lacquer, how it is extracted and manufactured, the materials employed, the processes and steps required for the appropriate use of this lacquer, and the multiple decoration techniques that this art offers. Most interestingly, attendants will not only learn about this technique, but they will also have the unique opportunity to admire more than 40 pieces produced in a variety of styles and techniques.

Un moment de la visita guiada
Un moment de la visita guiada

A guided visit to the «URUSHI: MATTER, TECHNIQUE AND DESIGN» exhibition

The visit to the exhibition, where the different Urushi techniques are represented in a set of decorative objects, including jewelery, will help attendants understand the complexity of Urushi art. «We want to show to our public the diversity of this art and make them aware of the unusual fact that, although Urushi is an exclusive minority art in our country, there is a group of Urushi artists that have been active in Catalonia for more than 100 years.”

This conference is one of the activities for the spreading of this kind of art organised by ACCAL within the programme of activities carried out thanks to the support of the JEC FUND GRANT.